Case 2

Hubert, 38 years old: a marked imbalance is noted in the Planas Functional Masticatory Angles (PFMA) on the left and right sides. The imbalance leads to poor occlusion.

Just 1 year later, the first results.

“For several years, I had been suffering from eczema, located on certain parts of my body, specially between my fingers. It was very embarrassing in everyday life. Went I went to see my dentist, I never thought that oral balance resulting from wearing a multi-functional activator could affect this problem. In just a few months, I could see the effects!”

Report of the doctor in charge of Hubert’s treatment:

“When Hubert came to see me I could see he was suffering from eczema. When I examined him, I immediately noted his mouth imbalance. So I explained to him that the 2 elements were linked together: eczema result from oral imbalance. We worked out a treatment protocol together.”