The mechanism of action

Our multifunctional activators are evolving and we now offer new shapes and a revolutionary new material! You can discover 6 new types of activator for the effective treatment of all forms of oral disharmony. They are made of staminalene, a material that is biocompatible and provides peerless comfort, flexibility and tonicity.

This development constitutes a real revolution. Thanks to these new appliances, the global functional orthodontics offered by Sodis Apf has entered a new dimension:

  • Orthodontics : that which modifies the shape of the dental arch and repositions the teeth to achieve functional balance;
  • Functional : self-activating method whereby energy is produced not by the appliance but by the patient, mobilising the conscious and unconscious voluntary system. The effects are produced by re-educating the conscious vital functions (nasal breathing, chewing, swallowing) and the unconscious functions(blood circulation, digestion …);
  • Global : the whole body is affected by the treatment in all its functions, both physical and mental.