Case 1

Benoit, 21 years old: physiologically, Plana’s Functional Masticatory Angles (PFMA) are not balanced on the left and right sides and the mandible is not square.

7 years later, the patient’s mouth regained balance.

“I felt I was a bit young to be suffering from backache! What’s more, I was sleeping badly and always felt tired. I felt the effects of wearing the activator over time. As the treatment progressed, my dentist adapted and changed my appliance as my mouth evolved. And today I feel completely new, I have no pain anywhere and I sleep like never before!”

Report of the doctor in charge of Benoit’s treatment:

“When Benoit first came to me, the only question I asked myself was how to identify the causes of his oral imbalance. I was then able to explain to him that everything was linked, and that his back pain and sleep disorders could result from this imbalance. And together we worked out the treatment he followed.”