The new appliances

Professors René Soulet and André Besombes

The genius of Professors René Soulet and André Besombes, in the 50s, was to propose a flexible material, i.e. rubber, for orthodontic treatment. As part of Dr. Heindborn’s work in electromyography under the direction of Professor Eschler at Fribourg University in the 60s, his study of rubber activators showed the prevalence of flexible as opposed to rigid materials in the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment. This is due to the net increase in muscular poly-micro-stimulation with an elastic material, even during sleep. Thus, the functional education of the orofacial functions is enhanced.

The use of staminalene, because of its better remanence (elasticity) compared to rubber, continues the pursuit of excellence initiated by Professors Soulet and Besombes.