The company SODIS-APF

SODIS APF was created in 1989 with a double objective:

  • to reinstate functional methods, which have fallen into disuse in the field of dentofacial orthopaedics.
  • to explore and develop their full potential in the search for excellence.

The Soulet-Besombes (SB) splint activators were enhanced in 1997, by multifunctional activators (APF), a major development which took into account one of the key points in occlusal balance, according to Professor Pedro Planas: the square mandible.

We have also shown that the benefits of activators can be extended to adults, regardless of dental condition or age.

Over the years, SODIS APF has earned its reputation as a specialist in functional dental appliances and has become the reference in their field: the loyalty of its clients is proof of this.

Today, SODIS APF is at a fundamental stage of development, with its new APF range, proposing an exceptional biocompatible material combined with distinctly innovative shapes.

The company has reached its first objective: to revive the use of functional methods.

With its new range it is pursuing its approach toward excellence, its second objective.

It now has a third: to make APFs and functional methods in general a first-line treatment.

In view of the frequency of dysmorphoses, their immediate and later repercussions, in buccodental terms and in general, it is our duty to allow everyone to benefit from a method that, despite its apparent simplicity of application, responds to most biological, pedagogical and psychological requirements.

In this capacity, functional orthodontics should be included in a wide-reaching programme of dental and orthopaedic prophylaxis. By treating children, it is the only way to equip individuals with a maxillodental system that is durable because it is morpho-functionally balanced. The price for this is surveillance which needs to be ongoing but is ultimately so beneficial.

From a social aspect, every child should benefit from this type of treatment.

We are working toward this goal. Answering the pessimism expressed by some with our own well-founded optimism.