SODIS-APF was established in Montpellier (France) in 1989. It specializes in the design and manufacture of flexible dental activators. It has a double objective:

  • To reinstate functional methods, which have fallen into disuse in the field of dentofacial orthopaedics.
  • To explore their full potential and to develop this in the search for excellence.

SODIS-APF has thus shown that the benefits of activators can be extended to adults, regardless of the patient’s age or dental condition.

Created at the instigation of Professor André Besombes to manufacture and distribute Soulet-Besombes (SB) activators, SODIS-APF began developing a second range of multifunctional activators In 1997. These incorporated the research and scientific conclusions of eminent functionalists, notably those of Professor Planas in his work on oral balance, where one of the key points is the square mandible.

 The therapeutics of tomorrow

We are pursuing our work and efforts to offer a wider range of appliances by creating new moulds, as well to enhance the quality of our products.

Today, Sodis-Apf is at a new phase of development, proposing APF designed in an exceptional biocompatible material combined with innovative shapes. Our future objective is for APF to become a first-line treatment.

Our duty is to enable every individual to benefit from a method that meets all the requirements (biological, pedagogical, psychological) involved in treating different dysmorphic disorders, their immediate and delayed repercussions, in the interests of both oral and general health.

We consider that functional orthodontics should be included in a wide programme of oral and orthopaedic prophylaxis which, by treating children, is the only way to equip the individual with a durable maxillodental system, i.e. one which is functionally balanced.