Case 3

Marie-Louise, 78 years old: wears complete dentures on the maxillary and partial dentures on the mandible.

6 months of treatment and already renewed comfort.

Before wearing the multifunctional activator, I used to breathe through my mouth, I slept very badly. Today, my breathing is a lot better, I have fewer nightmares, I’m less tired. I sometimes got anxious and depressed, now my head feels better!

Report of the doctor in charge of Marie-Louise’s treatment:

By starting treatment with a conformer activator, I wanted to act on Marie-Louise’s poor nasal ventilation, the positioning and retraction of her mandible and tongue (low posture). She very quickly realised that wearing the multifunctional activator affected the disrupted orofacial functions and she began to feel the benefits: better breathing, a better morale!