Case 5

Matilda, 7 years old: this little girl presented with oral imbalance, upper proalveolus and poor tooth positioning.

4 years later, her mouth had regained a centred physiological position.

“From the time I started writing in first grade, I had trouble concentrating, my teacher always used to say I wasn’t trying. My parents thought I was too restless. Today, I’m at high school and I feel a lot calmer, the teachers say I have nice writing and I’m a good pupil!”

Report of the doctor in charge of treating Matilda:

“Matilda’s mouth presented a pathology that is often difficult to treat, left cross-bite and upper interincisive diastema (space). I took the time to explain to her how the multifunctional activator would act on her mouth but also on her behaviour. Today, she is much calmer and more attentive.”