The stages of treatment

Each case is unique and our wide range of APF devices provides you with an answer to each one. You will start by determining which type of appliance is most suitable for your patient. Proceed by measuring the distance between the labial surfaces of the 2 maxillary first premolars to select the nearest APF size.

The category of appliance you choose at the start of treatment will depend on the shape of your patient’s mandible. Physiologically, the mandible must be square. This square shape is a decisive factor in oral balance and thus of buccopharyngeal neurovegetative functions such as nasal breathing and tongue posture.

In most cases, you will start by using an expander to enlarge the mouth. In the course of treatment, you will systematically follow up with a model that improves and strengthens the results obtained. And you will consolidate the effects of treatment using a square conformer.

Particular cases: for patients presenting with mandibular retrognathism start with a propulsion device, for those presenting with mandibular prognathism choose a retro-propulsion device. In all cases, the use of a square model will enhance the results obtained.