– Ideal for the start of orthodontic treatment –

STARTER® is a double dental splint that fits snugly over the teeth of the upper and lower jaw.

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Developed by dental surgeons, the STARTER® device
is the result of several years of research.


Its patented shape technically complies with these 4 essential physiological conditions:
– It imposes nasal breathing
– It increases the vertical dimension
– It propels the mandible forward
– It keeps the tongue in the upper position
To clear the back of the throat and keep the airways open, STARTER® propels the lower jaw slightly forward, facilitating the circulation of air.
Because of its shape, STARTER® provides a small ramp for the tongue to naturally rest on, maintaining its raised position against the palate.
The STARTER® splint has many advantages:
The STARTER® splint has many advantages: the product was patented and manufactured in France with a revolutionary new material (Staminalène®) and its ease of use greatly simplifies the start of orthodontic treatment (APF).
– An advanced, patented technology
STARTER® was designed and patented by dental surgeons. Its technique is based on many years of research on oral balance.
– Proven effectiveness
STARTER® is indicated at the beginning of treatment. It helps restore nasal breathing and the correct positioning of the tongue against the palate to ensure greater acceptance of multifunctional activators in the mouth.
– Ease of use
3 sizes are suitable for all types of jaw.
Quick and easy to maintain, it can be rinsed under hot water or brushed with toothpaste.
– Commitment to quality
STARTER® is a Class I device, with the CE mark.
STARTER®, is a product made in France, moulded from a new material, STAMINALENE®, that is biocompatible, natural (silica), has good mechanical properties and provides:
* Flexibility in the mouth for greater comfort
* Resistance, for a longer life
* Elasticity for excellent shape retention memory