Case 4

Lucy, 14 years old: prior to treatment, this young patient presented dental-maxillo-facial imbalance.

2 years later, noticeable effects on behaviour.

“I was very shy and easily influenced. I often asked myself questions, like, who am I really? I used to think my life was boring and monotonous. In just 2 years, I managed to express myself better and now I live my life without worrying about what other people think and I say what I think. Know how I did it? I chewed a darned piece of rubber for 2 years!”

Report of the doctor in charge of Lucy’s treatment:

“Lucy was a very withdrawn young girl who didn’t speak much. I explained to her that by wearing a multifunctional activator, we would re-educate the disrupted orofacial functions and correct her oral imbalance. Because of the relationship between oral state and mental state, when her mouth felt better, she felt better in herself. Today, she’s a totally different person!”