Advice to give to your patients

An overall view

The approach that we propose enables you to view your patient as a whole: the mouth reflects the person as a whole. The quality of your relationship is the heart of the success of the project, which is why you need to develop real collaboration. You can then make your diagnosis and work out a perfectly adapted treatment plan.
The objective is to achieve an optimum result for each patient and to obtain a functional, balanced mouth. By stimulating the forces of self-healing, the treatment restores the vital neurovegetative functions.

Your patient, an “actor” in his or her treatment

The appliance must be worn during the daytime to practise the exercises and at night while sleeping. On a daily basis, the exercises must be practised according to the protocol that you will find in the instruction sheet, for optimal treatment efficiency. However the protocol should be adapted to the patient’s age, state of health, personal capabilities etc.

Whatever the type and duration of exercise, it will always involve a chewing movement while wearing the appliance. In all cases, the tongue must be placed on the tongue rest provided in the interior part of the appliance. The exercise is repeated in cycles. A cycle consists of biting into the appliance while inhaling and releasing while exhaling, with the tongue held in a high posture on the tongue rest, following a regular rhythm. These exercises are referred to as functional education and may seem difficult to practise during the first few days. This impression quickly disappears.
After 3 to 4 days of daytime exercises, the appliance can be worn at night. Several cases may occur: the teeth are sensitive on awakening during the initial period, the appliance does not stay in place during the first few nights, the patient is woken up at night by dental pain, has problems getting to sleep… The various symptoms will disappear after several days of use.

Instructions_for_Use_of_Functional_Activators (.pdf)