Dental-maxilo-facial balance

Toward harmonious development

Our approach seeks the deep causes of oral atrophies or imbalance to eliminate the factors that hinder its harmonious development.

Disruption of the neurovegetative functions leads to oral imbalance and has multiple effects on the state of health and daily life of the patient. These may present in the form of headaches, ENT problems, snoring, disturbed sleep, allergies, difficulties in concentrating… They condition the person’s mental state and affect his/her behaviour.

The APF approach gradually leads to a dental-maxilo-facial balance between all the elements of the mouth:

  • the teeth
  • the bone structure of the mandible and maxilla
  • the gums
  • the occlusion
  • the joints (TMJ)
  • the tongue and muscles for chewing, swallowing, nasal breathing, phonation and facial expression.