SB and Square APF

SB for transverse expansion

Its specific feature is elasticity enhanced by greater thickness throughout the lingual portion, exerting transverse pressure on all the upper and lower molars, generating the transverse expansion of both arches.

SQUARE APF for transverse expansion

Used to continue transverse expansion and finalise treatment.
Unless the patient already has a square mandible, in which case they must be used from the outset, “square” APF are used as second-line treatment.

SB for mandibular prognathism or ANGLE class III

Designed to treat mandibular prognathism. It places the arches in a normal incisor relationship. The very thin upper labial bar and the anterior palatal pad of the upper splint generate the forward labial movement of the upper teeth. By contrast, the lower labial bar is much longer and thicker. It exerts saggital pressure from front to back with the upper arch as its bearing point.

SB mandibular retrognathism or ANGLE class II

Designed for the treatment of mandibular retrognathism. the mandible is propelled by prosliding in the lower part of the activator with the incisors in an end-to-end relationship, leading to the antatomical adaptation of the TMJ and a lengthening of the base of the retrognathic mandible.

SB conformer or Class I

These have a wide field of indication. Their action applies to dental misalignments and vertical dysmorphoses. They are particularly indicated in the treatment of anterior open bite and labioversion of the maxillary incisors.
These are also “fixation” appliances, for use at the end of treatment or for a break in treatment, while securing the results already obtained.
They are equally very useful in cases of snoring, to improve sleep quality or to re-educate nasal breathing and swallowing.

SQUARE APF conformer

To ensure perfect bicondylar occlusal balance.