The optimum adjustment

The new APF are available in several sizes and can thus be adapted to dental arches at different stages of treatment. This means that all cases can be fitted with an appliance.

For adjustments, modifications or additions to the APF, we propose a biocompatible silicon adhesive, strips of several thicknesses (5 strips of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm in thickness by 7 cm in length) and cylindrical strips made of Staminalene®. Although very flexible and elastic, Staminalene® is highly resistant. This is why milling cannot be performed using the usual laboratory milling equipment.

The best instrument for adjustments is the surgical knife (Staminalene® can be cut into slices). For polishing, disc models should be used EVE L22 and EVE R17, from LE PIVOT (12, rue Louis Garneray, 06300 Nice). Discs ref. 9537 900 220 and 9598 900 220, from KOMET laboratories can be used.

Instrument ref. H351 GSQ 104 060, from KOMET laboratories can also be used.

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