The philosophy of observation

Our approach is based on observation. By analysing the results obtained by the first SB activators we wanted to ask ourselves the right questions: what are the causes of the various types of dysmorphism, why does the problem exist?

Indeed today, dentofacial orthopaedics is no longer simply a question of mechanical appliances. These remain very important, but what counts even more are the eyes that observe and particularly the state of mind in which the diagnosis is made, and the treatment is designed and ordered. Thus we propose dentomaxillofacial orthodontics with multiple effects: aesthetic, masticatory, medical, respiratory and parodontal.

Treating the whole patient

This was our frame of mind when we began to understand how activators work. They enable oral balance. Our experience has shown that there is a systematic link between oral imbalance and various types of pathology. Headaches, difficulties in concentrating, childhood hyperactivity, sleep disorders, ENT problems, joint pain, allergies, back pain, stress… The examples are numerous. As the treatment progresses, the mouth attains balance.

A balanced mouth reflects a balanced person