The efficiency of APF relies on their shape but also on the material they are made of. This has to combine elasticity, tonicity, flexibility and comfort. Elasticity to transmit the stimulation of the muscular forces naturally exerted by the patient. Tonicity to stimulate and develop muscle tone. Flexibility and comfort to avoid harming the mucosal fibres and to move the teeth without forcing. Furthermore, the material used has to guarantee complete health safety and comply with standards.

Modifying function will affect shape and modifying shape will affect function: it is this reciprocal effect which guarantees the success of treatment.

Peerless elasticity

The new APF are designed in a totally revolutionary material: Staminalene®. Beyond its qualities of comfort, flexibility and tonicity, Staminalene® has greater elasticity than any material used before now. Its resistance to abrasion is higher than that of latex. This bio-compatible material ensures perfect health safety. Finally, Staminalene® complies with EC standards and with medical ISO standard 13805.

N.B. SODIS APF has exclusive rights to the use of Staminalène® in the mouth.